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Executive Summary  Title:
 The Structure of the Report 'A Vision on Ambient Law (AmL)' D7.9


Decisions made during the workshop

Editors, Internal Reviewers, Contributions and Time table


Mireille Hildebrandt (VUB) and Bert-Jaap Koops (TILT) will co-edit Deliverable 7.9. 

Claudia Diaz (KUL- COSIC) has offered to do the internal review. 


Final version to European Commission                1st July 2007

Comments by internal reviewers                    15th June 2007

Final draft report (eds.)                        1st June 2007

Final draft contributors (all)                        10th May 2007

Abstracts contributions (ICPP/SIRRIX, ICRI, VUB, TILT)    1st April 2007

Semi-final draft scenarios (Reading, ICCS, SIRRIX)        15th March 2007

Comments other contributors (all)                    7-15 March 2007

First draft scenarios (Reading, ICCS, SIRRIX)            7th March 2007

Sketch of the needed scenarios (eds.)                1st February 2007



Executive Summary  fidis-wp7-del7.8.workshop_ambient_law_02.sxw  The Structure of the Report 'A Vision on Ambient Law (AmL)' D7.9
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