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D7.7: RFID, Profiling, and AmI

Executive Summary  Title:
 RFID, the ‘Internet of Things’ and autonomic profiling



Martin Meints (ICPP), Mireille Hildebrandt (VUB) 


This document is the second of three deliverables currently (August 2006) planned in the context of RFID within the FIDIS Network of Excellence. It uses a number of terms and concepts that will not be explained in depth in this document as they will be dealt with in other FIDIS deliverable. The most important terms in the context of this deliverable we marked with a “*”. These terms are shortly introduced and explained in chapter ().

In this chapter we start with a pointed analysis of the links between radio frequency identification (RFID), the ‘Internet of Things’ and (autonomic) profiling. After this an introduction is provided on how Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is related with technologies we know today, especially RFID systems* and profiling techniques. To enable the understanding of the linkage between these technologies, RFID is briefly introduced including relevant privacy and security aspects. To allow the comparison of AmI-systems with today’s RFID systems* generic models for both systems are introduced.



Executive Summary  fidis-wp7-del7.7.RFID_Profiling_AMI_02.sxw  RFID, the ‘Internet of Things’ and autonomic profiling
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