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D7.7: RFID, Profiling, and AmI

The Linkage between AmI, Profiling and RFID  Title:
 Cases & Scenarios



RFID and related systems can be understood – together with other technologies - as forerunners for AmI. From this point of view we can expect that AmI-systems will share (in addition to aspects resulting from the combination of different forerunner technologies) a number of technical, legal and social characteristics from RFID systems*. As explained in section 2.1 RFID systems* can connect an ‘Internet of Things’ that integrates autonomic computing and autonomic profiling, changing the way we relate to our environment in a radical way. In the next chapter state-of-the-art cases and prospective scenarios will be presented to provide a better picture of what such an environment may look like.




The Linkage between AmI, Profiling and RFID  fidis-wp7-del7.7.RFID_Profiling_AMI_02.sxw  Cases & Scenarios
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