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This document presents a preliminary exercise on AmI and profiling. It draws on the existing work done on profiling in FIDIS deliverable 7.2 and adds a first exploration of AmI in the form of simple examples and tentative definitions. The aim of the document is to provide insight into the conditional relationship between profiling and AmI rather than to provide an extensive overview of the field of AmI.  

The main issues to be solved for a successfully networked and adaptive environment have been located in the domains of interoperability, privacy and security. Interoperability may seem to warrant technical solutions first, but – as explained in FIDIS deliverable 4.1 – without effective communication and trust these technical solutions will not be conclusive. Solutions to issues of privacy and security have been explored from the perspective of enhancing user control. As chapters and of this deliverable clearly indicate, such solutions need integration of technological and legal tools. Legislation that is technically, socially and/or economically not feasible will not amount to any substantial protection, while privacy enhancing technologies that promote user control may not catch on if the law does not effectively constrain the production and usage of privacy invading design.


.C. Interactive television at home  fidis-wp7-del7.3.ami_profiling_02.sxw  Abbreviations and Glossary
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