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.A. Rock concert  Title:
 .C. Interactive television at home


.B. Music in a restaurant

This example shows that anonymity as such does not prevent people from being determined.  

In an AmI equipped restaurant, the style of music (jazz, rock, lounge, etc.) can change in function of the average preferences of the total amount of connected visitors. The visitor’s preferences are processed through their anonymous communication devices and collected through a sensor network of the restaurant. Upon these data, an instant group profile is built. This group profile can be used for immediate adaptation of the music style, as well as for future music settings, based on the growing profile information.  

Data protection law does not apply here at all. The anonymous communication infrastructure in the restaurant does not allow the restaurant to identify those present. Nevertheless, the restaurant knows the preferences of those present, while a computer calculates, plays, and changes the major music preferences of those present. 


.A. Rock concert  fidis-wp7-del7.3.ami_profiling_02.sxw  .C. Interactive television at home
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