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.B. Location data  Title:
 E-commerce and Consumer Protection Law


.C. Cookies and related programs

Cookies are often used to implicitly collect personal data. However, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive states explicitly that users should have the opportunity to refuse to have a cookie or similar device stored on their terminal equipment (considerans 25). This is particularly important where users other than the original user have access to the terminal equipment.  

Information and the right to refuse information may be offered once for the use of various devices to be installed on the user’s terminal equipment during the same connection and any further use that may be made of those devices during subsequent connections. The methods for giving information, offering a right to refuse or requesting consent should be made as user- friendly as possible. Access to specific website content may still be made conditional on the well- informed acceptance of a cookie or similar device, if it is used for a legitimate purpose.


.B. Location data  fidis-wp7-del7.3.ami_profiling_02.sxw  E-commerce and Consumer Protection Law
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