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Profiling in AmI design  Title:
 The essence of AmI


Technological aspects of profiling for AmI


The technical issues relating to the actual implementation and thus realisation of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) environments are immense, and in most cases tangible solutions to technical related problems are still yet to be found. However, although concrete solutions are yet to be realised, the theoretical problems which must be overcome are largely documented. As already discussed, being able to profile a user within the AmI space is key to its success and as such the technological infrastructure which can allow this process is essential.  

In a general sense, the technical issues of profiling in AmI fall into two broad categories: data collection, and data processing. FIDIS deliverable 7.2 examined the data mining techniques which could be adopted for the purpose of creating a profile from previously collected data. This chapter highlights technical infrastructure issues which relate to the problem of data collection for profiling in AmI, i.e. the technical infrastructure that needs to be present to allow the profiling activity to take place. Such issues revolve significantly around interoperability achieved through standardisation of hardware and software elements of the AmI. Whilst this does not encapsulate all related problems, the aim here is to simply place technical aspects in context with profiling and so broader technical issues of the AmI infrastructure are out of the scope of this document. Such broader issues may become the subject of subsequent FIDIS deliverables, however, further information on the subject of interoperability can be found in FIDIS deliverable 4.1.


Profiling in AmI design  fidis-wp7-del7.3.ami_profiling_02.sxw  The essence of AmI
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