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 Annex I: Slides of the presentations



8.45: Welcome and Coffee in room 4B302

9.00: Session 1: introduction and general discussions

  1. 9.00-10.30: ‘BBP and TETs’. Introduction by Mireille Hildebrandt (VUB)  

  2. 10.30-12.00: Discussion of definitions, applications, reliability and risks of BBP and TETs, as well as the relationship between the two. 

12.00: Lunch at ‘Quartier Latin’

13.30: Start Session 2: Presentations and discussions about the presentations

  1. 13.30-14.15: ‘Transparency and Privacy’ by Simone Fischer-Huebner and Hans Hedbom (KAU)

  2. 14.15-15.00: ‘Technological aspects of BBP and TETs’ by Stefan Berthold (TUD)  

  3. 15.00-15.45: ‘Behavioural Biometrics for indentification on the Web’ by Emmanuel Benoist (VIP)  

  4. 15.45-16.00: Coffee Break 

  5. 16.00-16.45: ‘Legal aspects of Behavioural Biometric Profiling’ by Els Kindt (ICRI)

17.30: End of the workshop



Participants  fidis-wp7-del7.11.sxw  Annex I: Slides of the presentations
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