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Preparation of Deliverable D7.12  Title:
 Proposal for a structure of the report


Important issues discussed during the workshop
  1. First of all, an adequate working definition of Behavioural Biometric Profiling is needed. Especially the difference between BBP and physical biometrics must be clarified as well as the difference between BBP and non-biometric behavioural profiling (e.g. transactional profiling). A Wiki page is created to discuss and to define suitable definition(s) of Behavioural Biometric Profiling and to develop further relevant distinctions.

A similar wiki is created to clarify the concept of TETs (which refers to both legal and to technological transparency enhancing tools). Both wikis can inform the Identity WIKI of WP2. 

  1. Second, it would be interesting to include in the deliverable cases that function as examples of potential BBPs (like driver fatigue detection, key stroke analysis etc.), and to develop scenarios for these examples of BBP which demonstrate the potential implications of BBP. This should also clarify the need for TETs.  

  2. Third, the social implications of the usage of BBP needs to be assessed, building on the scenarios, existing literature and further exploration of the findings of workpackage 7. Vulnerabilities must be detected as well as the way in which BBProfiling differs from other types of profiling. 

  3. Fourth, the existing legal framework must be assessed in terms of its adequacy to deal with specific threats of BBP usage.  

  4. Fifth, an analysis must be made of the extent to which present legal and technological TETs can provide an adequate response to increased reliance on BBP in online and AmI environments. For this we can partly rely on work done within other FIDIS deliverables, notably D7.9. 



Preparation of Deliverable D7.12  fidis-wp7-del7.11.sxw  Proposal for a structure of the report
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