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Literature selection software

The bibliographic management software ‘Reference Manager’ is used to provide technical support for the Literature Selection. The software runs under Windows 2000 and XP systems and requires a Web Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher or Netscape 4.0 or higher (for the Web Publishing function).

The v11 Network Edition with a 5 user license has been bought. The advantage of this Network version is that (maximum) 5 users are authorized to be editors of the literature selection. There is always one Network administrator (VUB) who can limit the access rights for the other users to the Reference Manager database. For this literature selection, the overall editor (VUB) has exclusive read – write rights. The FIDIS community has the right to view the selection, to perform searches and export references (Read-Only access rights).  

The FIDIS members can access the selection thanks to the Web Publishing function of Reference Manager (see the selection on The editorial board ensures that the latest version of the Literature Selection is uploaded using the Web Publishing function.



Deliverable D7.10 Wiki Workpad Pages  D7.10_Literature_Selection_02.sxw  Contributions of the Work Packages
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