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Deliverable D7.10 Wiki Workpad Pages

Hereafter you see an overview of the Wiki Workpad Pages: 


Figure : Overview of the D7.10 Wiki Workpad Pages

The D7.10 wiki workpad page contains links to those sub-pages that are important for the creation of the literature selection. The main-:

The first sub-page is the reference page ( This page was designed as a straight forward fill-in form for the contributors of literature references. A wiki page entry-form has the advantage that every partner can see the contributions entered so far.

We asked the contributors of the literature references to provide information regarding the following fields: 




Extra information 


All authors of the literature reference. 



Tile of the article, book or book chapter, thesis or report. 

For books: Edition must be mentioned if it is not the first edition. For Reports, the report series must be mentioned 

Journal Title or Book Title 

For articles and book chapters, the full title of the journal or book must be mentioned. 

For journals articles, volume and issue of the journal must be mentioned.  

Year of Publication 

The year of publication of the literature reference 



Number of pages. For journals and book chapters provide the start and end page. For books or reports, provide full number of pages 



The publisher of the reference 

Place of publication is not mandatory 


Indication of the relevant topics 

The specific relevant topics of this literature selection are: RFID, AmI, Profiling, Biometrics and Identity 


Indication of the discipline(s)  

The specific disciplines of this literature selection are: Legal and / or, Technical and / or Social, Economical, Ethical 

Quality Rating 

A quality rating on a 5 point scale 

Contributors provide references of high quality and rank them with a rating up to 5 (on the reference page). Depending on the discussions between FIDIS members, (held on the discussion forum) and on the evaluation of the editorial board, the quality rating can be adjusted by the editorial board. 


Abstract of the literature selection 

We asked the contributors to provide self-made abstracts. When this is not the case, this is mentioned (citation is provided).  

Link to the literature reference 

Optional category. Link to the literature reference on the internet  

PDF is preferred.  


Optional category. This category provides the opportunity to show the literature reference deals with other topics next the ones mentioned in the category Topics. 

For example ‘privacy’ or ‘ubiquitous computing’ 


Optional Category. This section provides the opportunity for the contributors to give additional information or remarks.  


Table : Overview of the fields of the Wiki Workpad Reference Page

Next to the entry-form, a discussion forum has been installed on the reference page to facilitate communication and discussion between the contributors of the literature selection. The discussion forum So far no discussion has erupted yet. We expect that this will occur in due course, especially in the case of a difference of opinion as to the quality of a text. After reaching 100 items, new items will in principle replace ‘old’ entries (which will remain visible on the wiki pages) – this may need public motivation and discussion.

A guidelines’ page, explaining in detail the objectives of the literature selection, provides information regarding the entry-form. These



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