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 Creation of the Literature Selection


Objectives of the Literature Selection


The aim is:  

  1. to collect and evaluate existing literature in terms of disciplines, topics and quality, including an adequate abstract (the point is not to be exhaustive but to detect quality);

  2. to detect quality, not to be exhaustive; (for this reason the selection is limited to 100 entries, forcing the editors to review, compare and weigh new entries after the limit of 100 has been reached);  

  3. to especially seek multidisciplinary publications that move beyond juxtaposition of different disciplinary approaches, facing up to the relevance of findings of one discipline for what happens in the other;

  4. to stimulate participation by all FIDIS partners, opening a Wiki to discuss relevance and quality; 

  5. to guarantee coherence, relevance and quality by creating an editorial board of 2 or 3 scientists that evaluate suggested content in terms of relevance and quality;

  6. to make this an ongoing endeavor, eventually to be placed on the external portal - providing canonical references for anyone interested in one or more of the topics.



Glossary of Acronyms  D7.10_Literature_Selection_02.sxw  Creation of the Literature Selection
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