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Executive Summary


This deliverable aims to set up a multidisciplinary, high quality literature selection in identity–related thematic areas, such as RFID, Profiling, AmI, and Biometrics. The FIDIS Work Package Leaders were asked to fill in references into the WP7 wiki workpad, which was created for this deliverable. A discussion forum was designed to enhance discussions among the contributors of the various work packages. The literature selection which is available on the internal portal and at can be consulted, searched and exported by members of the FIDIS community (in RIS or XML format to EndNote or ProCite). The availability of this expanding literature selection will serve to facilitate the authorship of further deliverables as well as academic publications by carefully selecting and reviewing leading articles in the field.

This deliverable must be seen as a continuous task. The set up of the literature selection is the main goal of the deliverable 7.10. The continuous development goes on after the delivery of the deliverable. 



Figure : The Reference Manager literature selection on RFID, AmI, Profiling, Identity and Biometrics




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