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The Literature Selection  Title:


Future Steps


The FIDIS community will be reminded to deliver references appropriate for the Literature Selection on a continuous basis, aiming at maintaining a dynamic Literature selection. If the selection is placed on the external portal, outsiders can suggest new entries as well.  

Another way to keep the selection up to date will be to screen the bibliographies of finished FIDIS Deliverables and to include the most interesting references in the areas of RFID, Profiling, AmI, Biometrics and Identity into the Literature selection. The screening will be the task of the editorial board. More specifically, editors have been assigned the responsibility of searching for relevant high-quality references according to their own expertise and insofar as these references are of multidisciplinary nature. 


The editorial board will ensure that the Literature selection does not exceed 100 references. Only those references which are valued highest quality / multidisciplinary will be kept within the selection.  

Since the Literature selection can be exported (e.g. RIS or HTML, to EndNote and ProCite), the references can be uploaded into other FIDIS databases in the future. 

When the selection has reached its critical value of 100 items, it will be put onto the external portal and become accessible by a broader audience with similar research interests.  




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