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D16.3: Towards requirements for privacy-friendly identity management in eGovernment

This report describes in a multi-disciplinary way requirements for privacyfriendly
identity management in eGovernment. The cooperation among the
large number of disparate entities is compared with so-called ‘circles of trust’,
whereby identity and service providers have to agree on procedures and
conclude agreements, including on the allocation of their roles and
responsibilities within the eGovernment context. The use of authoritative
sources, the importance of an authorisation management and the authentication
and assurance mechanisms are hereby further identified as basic legal
approaches for privacy-friendly IMS. Basic technologies that support the
fulfilment of these requirements are presented and discussed.
The deliverable also discusses various advanced technical approaches, which
are valuable for eGovernment, in particular techniques for the management of
identities in networking infrastructures. This includes Private Information
Retrieval, DC networks and MIX networks. The BBox architecture which may
provide a secure logging system under certain conditions is also given attention.
By way of concluding, an organisational framework for privacy policy handling
is suggested in combination with technical approaches to support privacy policy
handling. Various issues, however, are still open for further research.

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