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Communication Relationships in Business Processes  Title:
 Case Study: Loyalty Program


Hurdles for the Acceptance of Personalised Services

According to the ECE IV survey, German market enterprises regard the protection of privacy and the protection of their customers’ data as two significant hurdles for the supply of personalised services. According to the most significant hurdle, the intricate and cost intensive integration of personalised services into existing processes and existing organisation (87.9 %), 84.1 % of the participating enterprises expect a negative customer reaction owing to a violation of their privacy, 84.2 % doubt the compliance with the data protection laws and 81.9 % expect a lower customer acceptance (Sackmann and Strüker, 2005). Better services, individualisation of services and convenience for the customer are therefore faced with the dangers of manipulation of identity, profiling, identity theft and undesirable delegation of personal data.


Communication Relationships in Business Processes  fidis_wp14_d14.2-study_on_privacy_in_business_processes_by_identity_management-v09_02.sxw  Case Study: Loyalty Program
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