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Case Study: Intelligent Software-Agents  Title:
 Privacy and Data Protection in Business Processes



Business processes are becoming increasingly oriented to the interests of a customer. In addition to the collection of personal data, its delegation and usage by service providers in place of the customer as far as further service providers are concerned is necessary. An example for business processes with delegation is an application making use of customers’ profiles hosted externally by a data service provider. Profiles are thereby desired, so that the principle of data economy does not fit anymore with regard to privacy. The use of personal data leads, however, to privacy problems that are considered to be an important acceptance factor. The following chapter focuses on privacy of customers and security interests of service provider in business processes with personalised services. 


Case Study: Intelligent Software-Agents  fidis_wp14_d14.2-study_on_privacy_in_business_processes_by_identity_management-v09_02.sxw  Privacy and Data Protection in Business Processes
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