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 Limits of Privacy Enhancing Technologies



Andreas Pfitzmann from TU Dresden and Marit Hansen from ULD Kiel have undertaken a development of terminology for privacy related areas in 2000. There are many individuals contributing to the terminology, and majority of contributors to this FIDIS deliverable actually has been contributing to this terminology collection. The actual version (February 2008) is 0.31 and is available from .

Although we have spent several pages on explaining some necessary terms in our deliverable, the referred document is the best available terminology and we recommend it to be used as the source of definitions for many terms we have been using throughout this deliverable. Also, the authors are open to comments and improvements and everyone is welcome to submit their opinions. 

FIDIS is an interdisciplinary project and there have been several suggestions to create a dictionary or terminology document that would allow experts with different backgrounds understand each other. We believe that Pfitzmann’s and Hansen’s terminology is the best starting point as it tackles the problem from the technological point of view to a deep detail. Any acceptable dictionary between technologists, social scientists, lawyers, and other experts is the Grail and it is much more important to facilitate mutual understanding of these experts by providing truthful descriptions of the terms used in particular areas. 


References  wp13_1Add_final_01.sxw  Limits of Privacy Enhancing Technologies
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