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09h30-10h00     Introduction and Welcome:


10h00-10h40    Introduction and overview of WP11:

“Where do we come from and where do we want to go?” 

Sven Wohlgemuth (ALU-FR) and Denis Royer (JWG) 


10h40-11h00    Coffee break


11h00-11h30    Presentation of VUB by Els Soenens:

    “Mobile Identity and Location Based Services. A social science point of view”

    Presentation of the concepts of Identity, Mobility, Mobile technologies and locational data from a social science point of view


11h30-12h00     Presentation of ICPP by Martin Meints:

“Mobile Working – Selected Socio-Economic Aspects” 


12h00-12h30     Presentation of ALU-FR by Sven Wohlgemuth:

“The delegation of rights in IDM systems” 

Contribution to WP 11 as a technical evaluation of credential-based identity management systems, e.g. Liberty Alliance and IBM idemix, towards their suitability for privacy in business scenarios if a delegation of a credential is needed. 


12h30-14h00     Lunch


14h00-14h30    Presentation of ICCS by Vasiliki Andronikou:

“Camera-based Human Tracking and GRIDS” 

The first part of the presentation focuses on camera-based human tracking a way of either assisting the provision of location-based services in areas where signals are of low strength or poor quality or adding intelligence to the system through semantics. Scenarios and areas of application of the above mentioned technology were presented. The second part includes a brief introduction to the GRID as a way to provide the location-based services and assist mobility in a more efficient way. 


14h30-15h00    Presentation of KU by Christer Anderson & Leonardo Martucci:


    The first part (Christer’s part) discussed possible contributions to WP 11. The second part (Leonardo’s) discussed a project conducted within WP 3.3 where requirements for anonymous overlay networks for enhancing the privacy of mobile ad hoc network users were formulated. Besides this, also existing peer-to-peer based anonymous overlay networks were analyzed and it was shown that none of them are compliant with those requirements. Finally, the ongoing design of an anonymous overlay network intended for mobile ad hoc environments was outlined.


15h00-15h30    Coffee break


15h30-16h00    Presentation of KU Leuven (ICRI) by Eleni Kosta:

“Privacy issues in mobile communications” 


16h00-16h15     Short Presentation of KUB by Denis Royer:

“Location Technologies and Surveillance - A Legal Perspective” 

Short presentation about the use of location technologies and surveillance in the legal context 


16h15-16h45    Presentation of JWG by Denis Royer:

“Economic aspects of mobile IDM” 

    Presentation gives an example for an evaluation approach for mobile IDM technologies


16h45-17h30    Discussion




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