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Workshop on Mobility and Identity in Frankfurt  Title:
 Date and Location


Objective of this Workshop

The first WP11 workshop had three objectives: 

  1. Kick-Off Meeting of Workpackage 11: Mobility and Identity 

  2. Presentations of the contributions by the Workpackage’s contributors. 

  3. To organise, coordinate and exchange the work conducted in WP11; especially the content of D11.2 “Mobility and Location Based Services” and D11.3 “Economic Aspects of mobility and identity” 

To provide an appropriate environment for the different objectives, the workshop was planned for one and a half days. Day 1 was foreseen for the objectives 1 and 2. The second day was planned for elaborating objective 3 with members from the FIDIS NoE (the participants list can be found in the Annex of this document).




Workshop on Mobility and Identity in Frankfurt  fidis-wp11-del11.4.workshop_on_MIDM.sxw  Date and Location
3 / 23