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D4.2: Set of requirements for interoperability of Identity Management Systems

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 Definition and what is enabled


Importance of interoperability

Robben believes that interoperability is very critical but he sees this to be a greater challenge in ehealth than in other fields because of the need for absolute reliability of identification - wrong information leads to wrong decisions. Neke agreed that interoperability was a major issue in the healthcare industry. Müller thought that in the long term the issue of interoperability of IMS would become critical but that the bar for the identity management systems should not be raised to a level at which any savings effect is lost.


Otter categorised interoperability as of high importance to any ehealth project especially in Europe. The Lisbon convention, Europe 2000, Europe 2005 etc. all define interoperable social security systems coupled with an interoperable identification system as a major goal for the public health care sector. 




Main identity issues  fidis-wp4-del4_2.set_of_requirements_03.sxw  Definition and what is enabled
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