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D4.2: Set of requirements for interoperability of Identity Management Systems

Executive Summary  FIDIS
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James Backhouse, LSE 



The aim of this deliverable is to investigate the high-level requirements for interoperability of identity management systems and to prepare for a survey on the topic to be undertaken in 2006.  This is the second written deliverable in Work Package 4 on interoperability within the FIDIS Network of Excellence.  It builds on the conceptual groundwork set out in deliverable 4.1 taking the schematic overview of technical, formal and informal elements and using it to review expert opinion in three key areas of development that were declared as the main focus for WorkPackage 4 at the outset – ecommerce, egovernment and ehealth.   The experts were selected from 5 countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom and this enabled a reasonable spread of approaches and experiences to the issues under scrutiny.




Executive Summary  fidis-wp4-del4_2.set_of_requirements_03.sxw  This deliverable
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