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Conclusions and future work


Work Package 4 is one example of the transverse perspective that goes across the full spectrum of FIDIS work and integrates the research to ensure the success of the FIDIS NoE. WP4 investigates the interoperability of identity. It is envisaged that the proposed FIDIS interoperability management method and framework, described in deliverables D4.6, D4.7, and D4.8 and applied in this report to e-Health in Europe, will be suitable for performing many of the applications discussed in the EC reports “Connected Health” and “European Interoperability Framework for Pan-European e-Government Services”.  


Interoperability means systems and services that are connected and can work together easily and effectively, while maintaining patient and professional confidentiality, privacy and security. Common policies and related initiatives concerning interoperability throughout the EU are identified and discussed.  


An integrated e-Health network is proposed that brings together patients, professionals, providers, regions, and nations. There is a need to incorporate identity management, including FIDIS research, into existing and proposed information systems by actively participating in developing standards and liaising with other research initiatives and projects. Dissemination of the results of FIDIS research, through the FIDIS journal and proposed interoperability portal is extremely important in this task. 




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