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Aims of the deliverable  Foreword
 Business Modelling Domain


Requirements domain


The requirements, brought together from literature reviews, EU directives and discussions with medical practitioners, are divided into two main areas: those specifying the e-Health application activities, and those specifying the management activities.  


      1. Operational / application activities include:


  1. Provide health care to all citizens within and across Member states 

  2. Ensure identity management is incorporated into ICT systems within e-Health sectors 

  1. A activity of paramount importance is to ensure that the identity of the citizen, or patient, is completely secure and strictly confidential to those who are authorised to access and use this information 

  1. Provide and manage medical practitioners such as doctors, surgeons, nurses and records managers, who have been vetted for security purposes and verified for their relevant skills by their qualifications and experience  

  2. Supply and monitor funds to develop and maintain the network 

  3. Keep up-to-date the medical records of doctors, patients, biological data, etc 



      1. Management activities



The requirements for management activities should specify the tools, such as project management techniques and procedures, which have to be employed to ensure that all the information, roles and responsibilities, processes and technologies are in place to manage identity issues in a secure manner. These requirements should include the management of projects, finances, human and technology resources.  



Aims of the deliverable  fidis-wp4-del4.9_An_application_of_the_management_method_to_interoperability_within_e-Health_01.sxw  Business Modelling Domain
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