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Introduction  Foreword
 Requirements domain


Aims of the deliverable


The aims of this deliverable are: 

  1. To apply the proposed FIDIS management method and framework, in broad terms, to e-Health within and across Member states 

  2. To make recommendations on how the work of FIDIS can be integrated into other initiatives particularly e-Government 

  3. To propose a structure for the European interoperability network, relating to e-Health within and between Member states 

Application of the management method to e-Health


As stated in earlier deliverables of FIDIS Work Package 4, the interoperability management method is separated into four domains, as shown in Figure 1 namely the requirements domain; the business modelling domain; the information management principles domain; and the system specification domain. 


This section outlines how the proposed management method may be applied, in more detail to that described in deliverable D4.8, to interoperability within e-Health.




Figure 1: Domains of the Framework 



Introduction  fidis-wp4-del4.9_An_application_of_the_management_method_to_interoperability_within_e-Health_01.sxw  Requirements domain
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