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Review  Title:
 ISO/IEC WD 24760; “Information technology – Security techniques – Identity management framework”.


FIDIS Deliverable “D2.1: Inventory of topics and clusters”

This document is the most comprehensive one of those reviewed, as it deals with all aspects of identity management in great detail. All the material in the report is relevant to creating an identity classification system and the salient points covered within the report include: 

  1. The concept and application of an ontology 

  2. A conceptualisation of the identity domain conducted in the FIDIS project 

  3. An inventory that categorises and defines the different terms used in the identity domain 

  4. The definition of key identity topics and terms 

  5. A structured approach to the inventory of identity terms 

  6. Considerations relating to the characterisation of a person via a set of attributes, and their application in different situations and how they relate to the person 

  7. Approaches, mechanisms and processes in disclosing identity information. 

  8. Definition of a shared vocabulary to be used in the identity domain 

  9. Setting up the conditions for the dynamic of exchange of this knowledge within the FIDIS community and external users 



Review  fidis-wp4-del4.7.review_and_classification_01.sxw  ISO/IEC WD 24760; “Information technology – Security techniques – Identity management framework”.
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