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 Aims of the deliverable


Classification systems

A paper by Susan Irwin states, “the need to organise large amounts of information has led to the development of classification theory and systems and other management tools. Regardless of the nature of the information resource, the need to express its content, describe its format, facilitate its access, and enable its use remains constant (Ref: Dillon & Jul, 1996 p.212-13). Library classification schemes have four main purposes. First they order the fields of knowledge in a systematic way. Second, they bring related items together in a helpful sequence. Third, they provide orderly access to the shelves either for browsing or via the catalogue. Finally, they provide an exact location for an item on the shelves (Ref: Dittmann and Hardy, 2000 p.8)”.

It is recommended that the approach adopted by library classification schemes be used for the FIDIS identity classification system. 







Introduction  fidis-wp4-del4.7.review_and_classification_01.sxw  Aims of the deliverable
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