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Work Plan

The following actions are recommended:  

  1. To use and develop the inventory, specified in FIDIS D2.1, as a basis for the classification system in FIDIS 

  2. To pursue the liaison with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27/WG 5, as stated in the Liaison Statement by the ISO organisation and FIDIS.  

  3. To develop and extend a glossary of definitions and terms related to identity, so that they be may accepted and shared worldwide. This will probably best achieved through the ISO organisation, as ISO is the global standards creating body. We envisage the liaison between FIDIS and ISO will foster the adoption of FIDIS research on a worldwide basis.

  4. To liaise with ISO/IEC SC 27/WG in developing an identity management framework, which may be applied to all aspects of identity including, security, privacy and biometrics 

Deliverable D4.8: “Creating the method to incorporate FIDIS research for generic application” will apply in broad terms, the best practice guidelines, incorporating the proposed FIDIS method and classification system, to the FIDIS research, e-health, e-government, and e-commerce sectors. It will demonstrate how identity interoperability may be applied in those sectors. Emphasis will be on how the identity information is shared or exchanged between stakeholders. 

Deliverable D4.9: “An application of the management method to an interoperability case study” will apply the method in detail to determine recommendations for best practice, relating to identity management, within the e-health sector. 



Next steps in the 3  fidis-wp4-del4.7.review_and_classification_01.sxw  4
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