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Conclusions and future work


This deliverable should only be considered as the start of a continuous process for developing the identity classification system, which it is hoped will contribute towards a global classification system. It concerns the recommendations for the structure, nature and content of a FIDIS identity classification system. From the review of FIDIS internal documents and external documents published by ISO and NIST, it is considered that FIDIS is at the forefront of research in identity classification.


It is hoped that the deliverable will stimulate participation of the FIDIS partner institutions in developing the classification system and its adoption in relevant organisations.  


The classification system will be enhanced to create integration and interoperation, as far as possible, of all the FIDIS research findings, such as those in technologies, privacy, security; forensics, and profiling. The activities will include the application of identity classification to the interoperability between stakeholders and identifying the information, business processes, roles and responsibilities, technologies and audit/compliance issues. Emphasis will be on the delivery of a classification system that is easy to use, robust and complete. 



E-Commerce Stakeholders  fidis-wp4-del4.7.review_and_classification_01.sxw  Next steps in the 3
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