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Executive Summary


This deliverable is concerned with recommendations for establishing an identity classification system, covering all topics of identity, which can be incorporated into the best practice guidelines and the FIDIS identity management model, proposed in FIDIS Deliverable D4.6 “Draft best practice Guidelines”. It is paramount that the classification system may be readily applied in all areas of government, commerce and industry.  

A review was made of the identity issues, being studied by FIDIS and other external bodies, which need to be represented in the classification system, The review concentrated on the work published in FIDIS Deliverable D2.1 “Inventory of topics and clusters”, and in proposed standards by ISO and the U.S. Department of Commerce. It is hoped that the proposed system may provide a basis for developing a global identity classification system, which can be shared by practitioners involved with identity management. This will probably be best achieved through the ISO organisation. The system will be continually enhanced during the life of the FIDIS project.  

It is recommended that the proposed inventory defined in FIDIS D2.1, which categorises and defines the different terms used in the identity domain, should provide the core of the identity classification system. The inventory provides a comprehensive dictionary, which has been structured in such a way as to create a convenient map of the identity domain.  

The proposed classification system has been incorporated into the proposed FIDIS development method and framework, which was described in deliverable FIDIS D4.6. An outline is provided, as to how the classification system may be applied to interoperability, within the FIDIS research, e-health, e-government, and e-commerce sectors. 



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