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Further description of the tables  Title:
 Integration of FIDIS research activities (continued)


Incorporating FIDIS research into the proposed identity classification system


The FIDIS research activities, represented in the tables below, need to be incorporated into the proposed FIDIS identity classification system. The tables indicate how the research can be integrated into the best practice guidelines described in FIDIS D4.6, by applying the five principles of information management. 

The vertical axis of the tables specifies the FIDIS Work Packages and the horizontal axis represents the five principles of information management, which state information streams, roles and responsibilities, proposes and procedures, enabling technologies and audit and control. 


The tables provide a level of abstraction above the classification system and illustrate what it needs to cover. They may be used as a checklist for completeness. 






Integration of FIDIS research activities 

Work Package 

Ensure information is complete and accurate 


Ensure systems and information are secure 


Ensure statutes and regulations are complied with 


Ensure all stakeholders & their representatives are bona fide 



Further description of the tables  fidis-wp4-del4.7.review_and_classification_01.sxw  Integration of FIDIS research activities (continued)
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