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 Enabling technologies


Five Principles of Information Management




To ensure that the institution: 

  1. Recognises, understands and controls data and information through its classification, structure and the way it is represented 

  2. Chooses appropriate methods to capture, store and transmit data within the institution and across its boundaries to, and from, its business partners 

  3. Evaluates the information that it holds and takes appropriate measures to protect its information resources 

  4. Implements appropriate levels of security for managing its information. 


Duty of Care


To ensure that the institution: 

  1. Informs appropriate staff of pertinent legislation and regulations which apply to the way information and data is handled within their sector and business activities 

  2. Executes its responsibilities under the duty of care principle. 

Processes and procedures

To ensure that the institution: 

  1. Identifies, documents and describes its processes and procedures 

  2. Monitors and controls any change to standard procedures using the documented descriptions of its operations 



Classification System  fidis-wp4-del4.7.review_and_classification_01.sxw  Enabling technologies
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