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Best Practice Method  Foreword
 Business Modelling Domain


Requirements domain


A typical entity model of the requirements domain, for the FIDIS project, is shown in Figure 3. It should be a representation of identity management that will satisfy the requirements criteria for all aspects of the project, of which the information resource is a part.  It will include a contextual description of the purpose of identity management within an institution. The requirements should specify what information is needed throughout the lifecycle of research and its application to the development, delivery and dissemination of FIDIS results. The requirements should specify where, when and how the information is to be delivered to all stakeholders.


The requirements are divided into two main areas, those specifying the research activities and those specifying the management activities.  



Research activities


The model should be constructed after various analyses have been performed, by the Work Package leaders and decisions made on such topics as: the needs of stakeholders, institutional structures, existing processes, information needs, personnel resources, and possible standards to be adopted. The decisions should be based on envisaged service levels and performance criteria.  


The specifications should include descriptions of the information resources, their origin and application.  They should describe the validation and verification procedures employed to ensure the integrity, accuracy and timeliness of the information.  There should be coverage of the legal issues to be addressed, the roles and responsibilities of personnel, the processes and procedures to be adopted, the technologies to be applied and the audit and control methods required. It is important that the requirements, having been defined, are formally agreed.

Figure 3 





Management activities


The requirements for management activities should specify the management tools, techniques and procedures, which have to be employed to ensure that all the information, roles and responsibilities, processes and technologies are in place to manage identity activities. 


Typical activities and the required actions to be performed are illustrated in Table 1. 





What needs to be done 


How the procedures are performed and how the institution can establish they have been performed in accordance with requirements 

Roles and Responsibilities 

Who is carrying out the tasks 

Techniques and tools 

The means of assisting people perform their work 


Table 1 



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