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I believe that there will be an appropriate legal environment to regulate how my ID data will be exchanged.  

The majority of respondents did not agree that there will be an appropriate legal environment for regulating the exchange of ID data, but this area was seen in a more positive light than either ID authorities’ competence or citizen control over personal ID data, with Southern Europe below the midpoint. The mean for Central and Eastern Europe was again the lowest.

It is particularly interesting to look at the effect of the number of recent ID data transactions on expectations about an appropriate legal environment. An important difference can be discerned on the basis of whether the respondent had made a transaction or not. The majority of those who had made no transaction did not agree that there will be an appropriate legal environment, while disagreement was lower among those who had made at least one transaction. For those respondents having made at least 6 transactions, there is an important group in agreement.



Male respondents turned out to be more pessimistic about creating the appropriate legal environment than female respondents. A very similar gender bias was found in the majority of the 32 statements.



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