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Perspective of the study  Title:
 Summery of main results


Formulation of the problem and operational questions


Electronic health records and cards are perceived as useful tools in the realisation of the eHealth vision in Europe (see ). Electronic health records and cards create a huge potential to collect, save and use health data of citizens for various purposes. In general terms the current debate on the use of ICT in collecting, storing and using health care data seems to be approached rather from an instrumental way, with major attention on technological standards, interoperability, content issues etc. In addition to this, a rather separate debate seems to get form on the ethical and privacy issues related to health and health care data: but even this debate seems to be approached as a rather ‘instrumental’ issue that has to be dealt within technological ways.

We do hypothesize that the use of health information and the related profiling issue, is not solely a technological, but to a large extend a sociological issue: it is of utmost importance to study how and to what extent profiling questions are legitimized and what types of societal issues are related to personal health data. Moreover it would be of particular interest of getting a clearer picture on how different policy makers are (not) addressing the topic of personal health(care) data in their policies. Profiling practices in health care could not only affect citizens’ privacy and autonomy, but also the groundings of health care in welfare states.  

We tried to address the issue in some preliminary operational questions that will help to sketch the field: 

eHealth in general:

  1. What is eHealth, the electronic health record and electronic health cards?  

  2. What are the narratives in the debate on eHealth (and especially in relation to the use (the collection, saving and processing) of health/medical data)?  

eHealth tools in specific:

  1. What is the state of art of deployment and implementation of eHealth tools in the questioned countries?  


  1. What about the collection of medical data? 

  2. What about saving medical data? 

  3. What about using medical data? 

  4. What are the benefits and risks of electronic health records and cards in relation to profiling practices?  



Perspective of the study  fidis-wp4-d4.11.eHealth_identity_management_in_several_types_of_welfare_states_in_Europe.sxw  Summery of main results
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