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 Implementation and Exploitation


Home Page

The home page of the portal shown in Figure 3, is the first page that is displayed on entering the website, which will have a dedicated URL. It will show the relationships between the following parts of the portal: 

  1. Welcome 

The welcome element will state what the intentions of the portal are and how the new entrant can gain most benefit from using it.  

Background to the portal 

The development of the portal will be explained, and how the work was carried out in the FIDIS project. Particular emphasis will be placed on interoperability and the work of WP4. 

Other parts of the portal have been discussed earlier in this document.  

Figure 4: Home Page of the Interoperability Portal 


All parts of the portal will interrelate and the point at which the user might commence navigation will depend upon their specific needs at the time. It is envisaged that the portal will be used by practitioners to assist them with their development needs by starting with the Activity Chart box followed by access to the Support Guidance box, as and when, to find various types of information they may require.


Additional Support  fidis-wp4-del4.10.specification_of_a_portal_for_interoperability_of_identity_management_systems.sxw  Implementation and Exploitation
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