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 Additional Support


Support guidance

The Support Guidance and Additional Support are set out on a single web page and are divided into parts, which in turn are divided into sub-parts or elements, as illustrated in Figure 3, and described below. All of the sub-parts have unique references, e.g. N1, IT2, O3 etc, and all may be accessed by hyperlinks. It is envisaged that The Activity Chart will be used in conjunction with the Support Guidance, in particular the Information Tables, which will contain all types of knowledge that may be useful to the user when performing his/her work.

Figure 3: Support Guidance and Additional Support 


How to navigate the portal 

The portal will be set up as a framework of boxes, as shown in the figures, which when clicked on by the cursor will take the user through a series of levels, with each level providing more detail. This will enable the user to utilise hyperlinks to enlarged versions of the boxes, which in turn will provide hyperlinks to the activity chart, support guidance and additional support. Each box will provide text and diagrams to assist the user in applying the recommendations for the box’s area of specific interest.


Information Tables

The purpose of the Information Tables is to provide a comprehensive list of information that may be referred to throughout IM applications. 

The Information Chart is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet with 5 worksheets, documented in Appendix 1, which are specified as follows: 

  1. Table 1: FIDIS deliverables 

  2. Table 2: References / Publications 

  3. Table 3: Research & Initiatives 

  4. Table 4: Statutes, Regulations & Directives 

  5. Table 5: Standards related to identity management  

This information is in the following forms: 

  1. FIDIS deliverables are listed in Table 1. They are referenced by the WP number and each deliverable has been classified in terms of the seven FIDIS Research Themes.

  1. References and Publications relating to identity which are  published and documents of importance to be referred to in the guidance. If the document is available on the internet, the hyperlink to the site or the document itself will be provided.

  1. Research projects and initiatives of relevance to identity management. These will be either ongoing or recently completed. In some cases, the final documents may have been published and might also be included under References and Publications. The information provided will include completion dates and hyperlinks to websites for further information. Each project or initiative will be reviewed with respect to the FIDIS Research Themes. Therefore, it will be possible at a quick glance to determine which projects/initiatives might be of relevance to a particular user. Links to project descriptions will also be provided.

  1. Statutes, regulations and directives will list directives, statutes, acts, and regulations, etc. referred to in the guidance notes, with hyperlinks to websites for further information of the document itself.

  1. Standards, relating to identity management, will be tabled with the standard body e.g. ISO responsible for the document being stated.



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