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Introduction  Foreword
 Structure of the portal


Why is a portal needed?

There are many guidance documents and tools available worldwide relating to identity management, and more are constantly being developed within R&D projects. One of the main considerations when dealing with identity management as a practitioner is to understand the whole picture. 

It is intended that the portal will: 

  1. provide context and links to identity management material that is already available in the public domain 

  2. define a generic approach that can be applied in all contexts to determine how best to carry out identity management applications  

  3. enable the user to find what they are looking for in the way of guidance and tools 

  4. identify gaps in the guidance and tools, which may be addressed, by subsequent R&D projects 

  5. to provide a tool for establishing sustainability after completion of the FIDIS project 



Introduction  fidis-wp4-del4.10.specification_of_a_portal_for_interoperability_of_identity_management_systems.sxw  Structure of the portal
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