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Executive Summary  Foreword
 Why is a portal needed?



This deliverable D4.10 proposes a specification of a portal for supporting the interoperability of identity management systems. The proposed portal has the aim of supporting management decision-making in identity management by making accessible the work of FIDIS, and other related projects throughout the world, to practitioners working in this area. Because of the variety of different disciplines used in applying identity management, including technical, legal and social activities the portal offers to practitioners involved with IM a way of bringing together, into one place, the many contributions in this field. 


The portal draws on the several research areas addressed in FIDIS Work Packages, particularly the work performed in WP4, which is documented in four deliverables that can be accessed on the FIDIS website. Another important foundation of the proposed portal is the FIDIS website and it endeavours to take this work forward particularly in the application of the FIDIS research by practitioners within various business sectors. It is envisaged that the portal will further add to the sustainability of the FIDIS research after the completion of the project.


The approach, for the development of the portal, built on LSE research in the area of Flood Risk Assessment which is currently being implemented by the UK government within England and Wales. A similar portal structure to the one applied in flood risk assessment has been adopted for the FIDIS portal.


It will be a web-based tool that will provide access, by hyperlinks, to all parts of the portal which contain identity management material such as: 

  1. interoperability between stakeholders within sectors such as e-Health and e-Government 

  2. related research fields such as profiling, high tech ID, privacy, and mobility  

  3. research and development activities within projects such as FIDIS, PRIME, and the Identity Project, which deals with biometric identity and access research 

  1. guidance documents such as Connected Health, European Interoperability for Pan-European e-Government Services, standards, statutes, and EU Directives 

  1. application tools used within such areas as biometrics, RFID and profiling. Many of these tools are documented in the FIDIS database on identity management systems and tools 



Executive Summary  fidis-wp4-del4.10.specification_of_a_portal_for_interoperability_of_identity_management_systems.sxw  Why is a portal needed?
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