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Implementation and Exploitation  Foreword
 Appendix 1



This deliverable sets out a high-level specification for a portal to assist practitioners responsible for information management systems within different business sectors, with the aim of supporting their decision making in identity management. It brings together a wide range of materials, including FIDIS research, that are required to reach good decisions, particularly on interoperable of identity.

It provides context and links to identity management material that is available in the public domain and will enable the user to find in a one-stop shop what they are looking for in the way of guidance and tools. A major aim of the portal is to provide a tool for establishing sustainability after completion of the FIDIS project.  

Another opportunity which may be achieved is that the portal may assist in the bringing together of practitioners, involved with identity management, by the creation of a forum in which they can participate by sharing, or exchanging, their knowledge and experience.  



Implementation and Exploitation  fidis-wp4-del4.10.specification_of_a_portal_for_interoperability_of_identity_management_systems.sxw  Appendix 1
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