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Table of Contents 

Executive Summary

This deliverable sets out a high-level specification for a portal to assist practitioners responsible for information management systems within different business sectors, with the aim of supporting their decision making in identity management. The portal will act as a one-stop shop, by bringing together in one place a wide range of materials that are required to reach good decisions in this field, particularly on the interoperability of identity.

It will provide context and links to identity management material that is available in the public domain and will enable the user to find guidance and tools for performing applications relating to identity. A major aim of the portal is to provide a vehicle for establishing sustainability of the FIDIS project research after its completion.  

Another aim is for a portal that can bring together practitioners, involved with identity management, by creating a forum in which they can participate by sharing or exchanging their knowledge and experience.  

Chapter 2 introduces the rationale and concepts underpinning the portal and outlines the reasons why the portal will be beneficial to practitioners. Chapter 3 describes the proposed structure of the portal and its content, which will consist of three major parts, namely the Activity Chart, Support Guidance and Additional Support. It also describes how the portal will be navigated by hyperlinks which connect all of the elements of the portal together. Recommendations for implementing and exploiting the portal are discussed in Chapter 4 and the conclusions are stated in Chapter 5. 


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