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D2.3: Models

Social information with FOAF, XFN, FTML  D2.3 Models
 XFN (Xhtml Friends Network)


FOAF (friend of a friend)

FOAF allows the expression of personal information and relationships, and is a useful building block for creating Information Systems that support online communities.  

FOAF is an RDF format intended to provide "a way of representing information about people in a way that is easily processed, merged and aggregated" and is primarily concerned with allowing an author to provide a detailed personal description, as well as provide machine-readable links to, and information about, other people. 


The following listing represents an example of the description of the Edd Dumbill person, as well as the establishment of the acquaintance of people Edd Dumbill with Simon St.Laurent, using the foaf:knows property. 




      <foaf:name>Edd Dumbill</foaf:name>

      <foaf:mbox             rdf:resource="" />

      <foaf:nick >edd</foaf:nick>

      <foaf:workplacehomepage     rdf:resource="" />

      <foaf:depiction            rdf:resource="" />




rdf:resource="" />

                <foaf:name>Simon St.Laurent</foaf:name>





Note: the relationship between Edd and Simon is done via Simons mailbox address. 




Social information with FOAF, XFN, FTML  fidis-wp2-del2.3.models_04.sxw  XFN (Xhtml Friends Network)
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