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D2.3: Models

CC/PP  D2.3 Models
 Liberty Alliance Profile Service Specification



The User Agent Profile specification is concerned with capturing classes of mobile device capabilities and preference information. These classes include (but are not restricted to) the hardware and software characteristics of the device as well as information about the network to which the device is connected. The user agent profile contains information used for content formatting purposes. A user agent profile is distinct from a user preference profile that would contain application-specific information about the user for content selection purposes. For example, a user preference profile might designate whether the user is interested in receiving sports scores and, if so, the particular teams. 

UAProf (User Agent Profile) is a specification elaborated by the Open Mobile Alliance ( and is based on the CC/PP specification.

Like CC/PP, an UAProf profile is a two level hierarchy composed of components and attributes. Unlike CC/PP, the UAProf specification also proposes a vocabulary – a specific set of components and attributes – to describe the next generation of WAP phones. 


Information related to CPI is communicated in an XML document and covers the following attributes of the device:

  1. Hardware Platform; screen size, audio, images, colour capabilities, manufacturer, etc.  

  2. Software Platform; operating system, content types, etc.  

  3. Applications/User preferences; mark-up languages and versions supported, scripting languages supported 

  4. Network Characteristics; device location, capability e.g. GSM/GPRS capable, WLTS capable, bearer characteristics such as latency and reliability, etc.  

  5. Browser; Browser name and version, xHTML version, JavaScript Support, etc.  

  6. WAP Characteristics; WML version, script libraries, deck size, OMA download, etc.  

  7. Push Characteristics; Push content types, application, etc. 


  1. OMA (2003); User Agent Profile; Version 20-May-2003 ; OMA-UAProf-v2_0-20030520-C 

    OMA (2003); User Agent Profile; Version 20-May-2003 ; OMA-UAProf-v2_0-20030520-C 



CC/PP  fidis-wp2-del2.3.models_04.sxw  Liberty Alliance Profile Service Specification
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