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D2.3: Models

Mobile user (CC/PP & UAProf)  D2.3 Models



CC/PP (Composite Capabilities/Preferences Profile, is a standard based on Resource Description Framework (RDF). A CC/PP profile is a description of device capabilities and user preferences. For a lot of devices such as a PC, but also a mobile phone or a PDA, CC/PP provides a standard format of information description enabling then any Web terminal to communicate these capacities with a given server in a detailed way.

CC/PP is already used; the toolkit CC/PP intel contains, CC/PP Client Proxy, Client Profile Manager API, Server Profile Repository, Server Content Customization Module. Another interesting example of integration is the UPS (universal profiling schemata) profile package; it is a Java package for the creation of valid CC/PP profiles (examples of profiles using the specific fr.inrialpes.opera.upsprofiles package are available on the web ).

The following list (drawn up from the above mentioned examples) shows some attributes useful for the categorisation of the users: 

  1. HardwarePlatform:
    DeviceType, DeviceName, DeviceConstructor, screen, screenColor, RAMSize, ROMSize, etc.

  2. SoftwarePlatform:
    PlatformName, PlatformVersion, etc.

  3. BrowserUA:
    UsedPlayerName, UsedPlayerVersion, etc.

  4. Resource:
    OnlySupportedResources, NonSupportedResources, AdaptableResources, PrederredSupportedResources; in a sub-level of description, type, dimension, resolution, version, format, functionality, kind, adaptabilityValue, priorityLevel, requirement, etc.



Mobile user (CC/PP & UAProf)  fidis-wp2-del2.3.models_04.sxw  UAProf
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