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D2.3: Models

The Public-Key Cryptography Standards  D2.3 Models
#9 (PKCS #9)
 IMS/LIP (Learner Information Packaging)


#9 (PKCS #9)

In the domain of authentication, PKCS defines some specification providing some definition of the person. 

The naturalPerson object class is a general-purpose auxiliary object class that is intended to hold attributes about human beings. It has been designed to be used within directory services based on the LDAP protocol and the X.500 family of protocols, where support for these attributes is considered useful. 



  1. emailAddress 

  2. unstructuredName 

  3. unstructuredAddress 

  4. dateOfBirth 

  5. placeOfBirth 

  6. gender 

  7. countryOfCitizenship 

  8. countryOfResidence 

  9. pseudonym 

  10. serialNumber 

  11. … — For future extensions 



RSA Laboratories (2000); “PKCS #9 v2.0: Selected Object Classes and Attribute Types” RSA Laboratories, February 25, 2000;



The Public-Key Cryptography Standards  fidis-wp2-del2.3.models_04.sxw  IMS/LIP (Learner Information Packaging)
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