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D2.3: Models

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Citizenship, justice


Citizenship and justice related attributes are for information that is related to the interaction of the person from the legal perspective. They are used to represent the person’s information related to the rights and obligations of the person towards society, as well as the expression of this person in a democracy.

Of course this information is very sensitive, since the level of its exploitation is strongly related to the level of democracy within a society and the right of expression. 

Examples of attributes


  1. Authority (representative of justice, journalists, etc.) 

  2. Political affiliation 

  3. Union affiliation 

  4. Criminal records 

  5. Actions (liabilities) 


Application domains

The application domains include the government, police and justice. 

Relevant standards

The Global Justice Extensible Markup Language Data Model (Global JXDM) and Dictionary (Global JXDM) are the result of an effort by the justice and public safety community to produce a set of common, well-defined data elements to be used for data transmissions. 

For instance, it can be used for crime reporting, or to define an arrest warrant, and be exploited in the Information Systems used by policemen (for instance computer systems present in police cars). 



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