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D2.3: Models

The Categories of Attributes of the Person  D2.3 Models


The attributes of the person: a categorisation


As described in the previous section, a variety of attributes can be used to represent the person. Each attribute is used to represent a particular characteristic or property of a person such as the identification of this person (how we refer to this person), some biological characteristic (the physical characteristic of this person), some location information (where the person lives, where the person is now), personal and behavioural characteristics (how the person behaves, the preferences of this person, etc.) or social characteristics (who this person knows, the affiliations of this person, etc.). 

This chapter, shall analyse the different categories of attributes, and for each of them describe what they are, in which context they are used, how they are acquired and if there are any standards that are used to represent them. 



The Categories of Attributes of the Person  fidis-wp2-del2.3.models_04.sxw  Identification
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