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D2.2: Set of use cases and scenarios

Introduction  Title:
 Scenario: Shopping using pseudonyms


Story: Anonymity services on the Internet


This story shows how important anonymity can be when transferring commercial and e-government services via the Internet. 

To use some services and to assert some civil rights, anonymity in the physical world is essentially needed. Examples are 

  1. Some aspects of ballots / votes (especially the voting itself after being authenticated and authorised to vote) and 

  2. Using crisis lines. 

To guarantee anonymity, manifold special procedures and legislations are implemented in European countries.  

However, by transferring such procedures to the Internet, anonymity often vanishes. By linking some stored data especially from the provider or the browser some essential personal data like the IP address at the time of the use of the services and sometimes even the name etc. can be determined. 

To get over the loss of anonymity, some anonymising services on the Internet are being established. At the moment one of the best technical approaches offering strong anonymity is the use of JAP Anon Proxies to conceal the linkability between used IP address and selected website. To anonymise client-related information like browser tags and cookies there are additional solutions available, e.g. the CookieCooker.



Introduction  fidis-wp2-del2.2.Cases_stories_and_Scenario_04.sxw  Scenario: Shopping using pseudonyms
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