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D2.2: Set of use cases and scenarios

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 Current Technology: Loyalty Cards



The emergence of the internet, and with it the possibilities of distributed computing (i.e. using several computing devices, that are not necessarily located in the same geographic location, for a specific task) has had a profound effect on our way of life. Ubiquitous Computing is the next wave of technology, a paradigm shift from our current relationship with technology, whereby many thousands of wireless computing devices are distributed in the environment in everyday objects around us. This technology is one of the tools which aims to achieve the idealised Ambient Intelligence (AmI) Environment (see section 2.2). However, here the concept is restricted to how the emergence of this potentially invasive technology may become commonplace in the very near future. 

Firstly, an example existing scenario will be considered to demonstrate how such invasive technology has already become accepted in our everyday lives. 



Executive Summary  fidis-wp2-del2.2.Cases_stories_and_Scenario_04.sxw  Current Technology: Loyalty Cards
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