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D2.2: Set of use cases and scenarios

Anonymously defending your anonymity  Title:
 Identity and Privacy, KU-Leuven




Sources Legislation 


U.S. California Assembly Bill 1143 : “An act to amend Section 1985.3 of the Code of Civil Procedure, relating to Internet communications” :

Draft Framework Decision of the Council of the European Union on data retention as of April 28 2004 :

Opinion 9/2004 of the Data Protection Working Party on the draft Framework Decision:


Sources Case Law  


R.I.A.A. vs. Verizon (Archive) :

Pessers vs. Lycos (Decision - Dutch): (Dutch)



Anonymously defending your anonymity  fidis-wp2-del2.2.Cases_stories_and_Scenario_04.sxw  Identity and Privacy, KU-Leuven
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